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Land Rollers

Our model “SS” (24" diameter) straight land rollers come in many different sizes, from 10 to 21 ft. Our model "HS" (30" diameter) straight land rollers come in many different sizes, from 10  to 21 ft.


Smyth “VS” series land rollers incorporate all the necessary design features to make it last for many years to come. Features like 1½” diameter (greaseable) wing pivot pins, 4 extra wide wheel lift bushings, 4” x 4” x ¼” wall tube frame, 30”dia rollers, 3/8” thick main drum and 7/16” thick wings with 5/16” thick reinforced ends, heavy duty industrial hydraulic cylinders, as well as adjustable scrapers are just some of the great advantages of owning a Smyth roller! 


Our one of a kind X-Fold model comes loaded with features not found on other rollers. For example, adjustable scrapers, transport lighting, adjustable tongue and 2” wing pivot pins are all part of the package! 

With a 4-wheel mono frame design, there is virtually no tongue weight, which makes it ideal for pulling behind other implements. When folded, the “XS” is extremely maneuverable, which makes backing up and sharp turns a breeze. These rollers are very compact with the tongue folded upright. A 42’ roller will sit on a 14’ sq. foot print (14’ x16’ for larger models) for easy storage! 


Our Double Fold Land Rollers are available from 48 feet to 65 feet.

Some of the great features include the 4-wheel mono frame design (60ft and up, have 6 wheels), with a compact folding design, as well as an over centering 4-bar lift assembly that requires no lock up for transport, and virtually no tongue weight.

Adjustable scrapers and transport lighting included!


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