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We are committed to building reliable, heavy duty equipment, and we stand behind our products, and are dedicated to making sure our customers are happy and completely satisfied with our products.


We have been in business for over 60 years. Barry's father George began his love for welding at a very young age, and has ran a very successful business. George retired in 1998, when Barry became the owner and carries on the tradition.


Our business has continued to diversify, prosper and grow. We employ approximately 20 skilled workers year round. Smyth Welding supplies many Dealers across Canada and the United States with our quality built products!

Smyth Welding Machine Shop and Custom Fabrication, Auburn ON
Smyth Welding Machine Shop and Custom Fabrication, Auburn ON


McGavin Farm Equipment - Walton

"I have personally used the Smyth stone windrowers and sold many to satisfied customers. Ideal conditions are well cultivated land that is dry. When conditions are dry the dirt goes through the rake teeth and the stones are left ready to pick up in a nice windrow, dirt free. The stones roll over into a windrow just like rolling hay. The stone windrower does a good job of leveling out high spots or ridges in the field (even though that is not what it was designed for). We have also used these machines as rental units. They are put to many tests when rented and the machine has performed as they are advertised to do. We also appreciate the prompt service we receive from Smyth Welding if we have any problems."



As we are the responsible producer of the tires we sell and import into Ontario we have partnered with YESS to manage our products’ end-of-life management. Via YESS’s network management, we, the producer, pay for the collection, transportation and management to responsibly recycle our tires into new rubber products. To help you help us to recycle your tires at the end-of-life, please click  here to find a location nearest to you where you can drop off up to 10 tires off the rims at no charge.

Smyth Welding Machine Shop and Custom Fabrication, Auburn ON

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