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John C - Goderich


"My Smyth Snowblower is the Cadillac of Snowblowers! I purchased an 84-D Snowblower with 60 H.P Front Mount Kit, and Side Discharge option, and this snowblower is the smoothest, easy to maneuver blower I have ever used!

So far this winter, I have cleared snow for around 200 homes, and have not broken a shear bolt yet! Running off the loader handle, makes everything smooth sailing, and the side discharge option is very handy when using the hood is not an option in some places.

You wouldn’t even know there was a snowblower on the front of the tractor, it doesn’t bounce around like the others do.

I must say, since purchasing a front mount snowblower, this has sure saved my neck! No more turning around to see what I’m snow blowing! Very happy with my SMYTH Snowblower!”

Larry M - Kincardine

"The 44" tag-along bin sweeper with the 5.5 hp Honda motor has all the power you need for the size of the unit….one person can handle it easily, hook up and unhooking is easy and it is so easy to maneuver… …does an excellent job….does the job that I expected it to do….a one person operation"

Jeff T - Chesley

"We purchased a 32' VS Land Roller with shocks. We are extremely happy with this roller. I used it behind our vertical tillage unit. This year I planted into a perfectly smooth field. This roller has cut back our cultivating as well.  I like the way it folds in further, and the way the over center safety locks are, so you don't have to get off the tractor. The shocks are a big plus, as I no longer have any ripples. I am also very pleased how Smyth Welding stands behind their product! If any sort of issue, they are there to get it looked after right away.  Very important to us customers!." 

Pat L - Orillia

"I have two Smyth snowblowers. One 10 yrs old and the other 9 yrs old. I have roughly 2000 hours on each of them. I am very happy with these blowers, and I would definitely be interested in buying another snowblower in the future. Smyth Welding snowblowers are by far the best blowers around!"

McGavin Farm Equipment - Walton


"I have personally used the Smyth stone windrowers and sold many to satisfied customers. Ideal conditions are well cultivated land that is dry. When conditions are dry the dirt goes through the rake teeth and the stones are left ready to pick up in a nice windrow, dirt free. The stones roll over into a windrow just like rolling hay. The stone windrower does a good job of leveling out high spots or ridges in the field (even though that is not what it was designed for). We have also used these machines as rental units. They are put to many tests when rented and the machine has performed as they are advertised to do. We also appreciate the prompt service we receive from Smyth Welding if we have any problems."

Lorne A - Auburn

"Recently I purchased a new Smyth 9ft single auger snowblower with the new option of a side discharge. With this option blowing on a windy day doesn’t interfere with visibility. The H.P. is much less, using the side discharge and the new 5 blade fan has excellent blowing capacity. Overall this blower is well built and I have had no problems with its capability."

Gene & Elaine - Michigan

"We finally had Winter here in Western Michigan , and a lot of it, the blower has gotten a pretty good work out, and performed perfectly! Let your company know how pleased I am with their product, and that doing the little extras for people means a lot. Thanks again!"

John M - Tiverton

"In 2008 I purchase a 34’ land roller from Smyth Welding. It is extremely well built with lots of metal and heavy frame. The X fold design allows it to fold up for narrow transport width and low height for storage. It follows the ground well and tows very easily with the front caster wheels. With this design there is little drawbar weight on the cultivator. I highly recommend this machine to other farmers."

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