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Crimper Rollers

Cover crop management is deal for organic farming. It reduces the use of herbicides, prevents soil erosion, reduces water evaporation from soil, as well as saves you time!

This Cat II 3 point hitch CRS crimper roller comes with 12 blades per drum (7-3/4” spacing), and ¼” thick replaceable blades, with a 30” diameter crimp drum.

- Dry weight 233 lbs/ft

- Weight w/ water: 353 lbs/ft (2/3 filled)

- Rear Mount –70 H.P recommended

- Front 3pth Mount – 100 H.P recommended


The Smyth “CRV” models incorporate all the necessary design features to make it last for many years to come. Features like the 1-1/2” diameter (greaseable) wing pivot pins,
4 extra wide wheel lift bushings. Safety features include, transport lighting, and our high pressure 4” x 10” cylinder with unique over center lift, requires no lock-up’s, and sequences unfold. Example: Wings completely unfold before center drum is lowered.


We also offer a “CRX” Model (X-Fold) Crimper Roller. This model is similar to our “XS” series land roller. This model is loaded with features such as transport lighting, adjustable tongue, and 2” wing pivot pins, and 4 wheel mono frame design, which means virtually no tongue weight!


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