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Our smallest line of blowers come well equipped with many of the same features found on our heavier blowers.

These models have re-inforced end-plates, 3/8″ x 1-1/2″ thick ribbon style auger flighting, hardened ground shafts and gears in the gear-box, 4 blade fans and a rigid clevis-style A-frame hitch. As well as an adjustable deflector on the chute and all greaseable bearings round-out the package to give you years of service!


48-S, 54-S & 60-LS

These blowers are made to suit a wide range of horse-power requirements from 25hp to 50hp.

The close-fitting fan housing with the 4 blade fan ensure that even the wettest snow is thrown clear of your path. The hardened/ground shafts, gears and splines along with re-inforced end-plates, clevis hitch, #60 auger chain and heavy-duty auger-flighting make this one tough package. Put it to the test on your compact tractor and see the difference.


66-S, 72-S & 78-S

These are our most popular farm duty blowers with many additional options available to make them commercial duty. Both blowers boast a 10″X30″ diameter close tolerance, 4 blade fan with large easy turning chutes to handle the large volume of snow you will be putting through it.

On the 84-S, we use 5/16″ re-inforced end-plates while the 96-S gets 7/16″. These blowers come standard with hydraulic hood turner assembly’s and optional single or double auger (one 20″ or two 16″) to ensure that no snow gets left behind!

84-S & 96-S

Our Industrial Snowblowers are ready to work for you when the snow starts to fly! Standard features on this blower include, Orbital Motor Hood Turner, 1/2” thick re-enforced fan blades, 3/16” thick fan housing and body, 7/16” thick end plates, 3/4” thick A frame and hitch clevis, and #80 heavy roller chain for the auger drive. The hardened and ground gearbox shafts and gears, as well as shear bolt protection on the PTO and auger drive, ensure many hours of trouble free blowing. With this strong and durable piece of equipment, you know this machine will be tough enough for any job put to it! 

102 & 108-HS & HD

Our Industrial Snowblowers are our toughest blower yet! Shown is our 10’ HD snowblower with telescopic truck loading chute and rotating fan housing. Options like hydraulic steering wings and bolt-on cutting edge make this a very versatile machine. Whether it’s cutting banks on busy highways or clearing large parking lots, you can be assured it's the best machine for the job!
With built- in features such as, heavy duty greaseable ball bearings, #80-heavy drive chain, ½” thick end plates and clevis style hitch, this well built machine will last you for many years to come!



Our front mount kits come in many different sizes. We make units that use as low as 20 H.P. to 120 H.P. to operate.


Do you have a long laneway, and don’t like to back up to blow snow? Consider hooking your mid-size tractor onto one of our Pull-Type Snowblowers!

Great for mid-size tractors. They come standard with a flat bar cutting edge on the bottom to help cut through the tire marks. The wear shoes on the back, keep you out of the gravel when the ground is soft. These two stage snowblowers are easy on horse power and very easy to operate, and no more backing up to blow snow! 


Available with many options to fit on a wide variety of equipment. Our common sizes are 66”, 72” & 78” with many options available. To maximize the blower’s performance, we have a wide variety of hydraulic motors to accommodate to your specifications. Regular flow ranges from 14 to 24 gallon/min, and High flow ranges from 25 to 40 gallons/min.The quick-attach hook-up is mounted directly to the back of the fan housing, and braced to all four corners of the blower for extra rigidity.


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